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The Congress's Mixed Commission rejected the expenses incurred by the cabinet and the army

After four hours of negotiations, the Mixed Commission was appointed to review the five-point Budget Act of 2019 between the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The contract has been completed on three issues.

One of the most discussed topics of the meeting was cabinet and army reserve expenditure. For the first time, the executive did not give a hint. First, the voting instructions were first voted. Later the Senate. In both cases, five supporters of five votes and five opponents examined.

In detail, dismissing both means there will be no direct recommendation on this subject. Thus reservation expenditure shall be preserved, but not allocated in the prescribed sum of the amount.

In the case of the army, the government has provided a clue to determine the minimum assignment for assignment. In addition, commitment to provide more information and delivery prior to December 27, introduced a Bill to regulate the provision of reserved expenditure for all institutional investors.

Another topic was respected regarding the food handler of Janet Book, which respected the technologies approved in the Senate. A special bond will be applicable to all areas in a month and may be considered as 1 January 2019. Also, make a table table involving the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education.

According to the standard of University Credit's Solidarity Fund, recognition of restoration of the Senate's criteria has been accepted as the Senate restrictions on repatriation of securities, securities in national currencies, internal scholarships or special credits are restricted. Students who lose regularly student benefits (up to 30% of the collected collectives).

Ultimately, there is no explicit protocol contracts on the present period of the Congress's departure.

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