Friday , June 9 2023

The CMC shopping center company is also registered with the Sencos


The company explained to the regulator that the resources received from the operation would be used to "cancel existing in-passage passes".

Register an activity that involves Sengosodd with the company for opening the Shaun Center Business Company as an activity involving the Company Commission for the Financial Market (CMF).

In the written form, SENCOID Shipping has registered 547,263,784 stocks. The DF last week stood at 33% of the company.

In addition, the documents received on January 18 will "utilize the funds used by this subject to cancel existing Income Company debts".

According to Valor Futuro's statement, along with registrations in the regulator, Hörst describes the company's financial background as a company linked to the milk company associated with milk. According to the CEO of the German Serono Sensota, the net profit for January-November 2008 declined by 78.55% to $ 16,489 million.

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