Thursday , October 28 2021

The Chinese scientist who created genetically modified babies has disappeared – Science and science


© AFP The Chinese scientist who created genetically modified babies disappears

Some versions indicate that the state will be arrested as "undefined" by the authorities as "undefined Chinese Fencing".

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Chinese media claims that Chinese scientist Jiankee does not see. After making sure that two genetically modified children were created, they reached the public light.

Some versions argue that "Chinese Frenchman"I will abolish the state, but the university that had the academic job was expelled.

"There is no exact information at this time. Now we can not answer any questions about this topic, but if we have any information then it will be delivered through Official Channels"Said one spokesman University of South of Science and Technology From the province Sheengen a South China Morning Post.

Last Thursday, the Chinese media reported that scientists would be punished by scientists "Violates laws and regulations in the country", Well "Moral Principles".

Deputy director of the National Health Commission of China, Serenex, China Central Television (CCTV) said in an interview "They are investigating, and the criminals will be punished."

He said the development of science and technology, scientific research and application development. They should be more responsible and should meet the ethical and technical norms. "

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