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The Cesarean section prevented the immune system from receiving good bacteria from her mother

Madrid, 30 (European Press)

A study conducted by the Center for Systems Biomedicine scientists in the study found that natural bacteria transmit specific bacteria to the mother's intestines and increase their immune system. But this phenomenon does not occur in children born in cesarean section.

This may explain why children born in the cesarean section suffer more chronic illnesses related to the immune system. "Compared to infected children," Nature Communications & # 39;

The human juice can not cease. However, the normal birth is the time when the body, including the intestines, skin, and lungs. Researchers have observed that this early colonization may have had subsequent health. However, when this study ends, the Cesarean section prevents some bacteria, usually with the immune system's immune system from the mother to newborn into the epidemic.

The first evidence of this fact is found in studies from Vilmaus and Newborns in Sweden with other fellow researchers from Luxembourg and Luxembourg. Half of these people are born in the cesarean section. "We find prescribed bacterial substances that inhibit the immune system in infants who are born in the womb." In contrast, the immune response to cesarean children is very low because bacterial trigers affect the initial immune system in very low levels or other bacterial substances, "the researcher explained.

This bacterial colony consists of the immune system and other components. In Caesarean section, children are more likely to develop allergic and coronary infections and metabolic diseases. "These kids may be shifting from the beginning of the immune system," says Paul Wilms.

Researchers investigate this link to replace the sample bacterial difficulties for infants born in the cesarean section, for example, probiotics. "It's already clear that we should not interfere in the evolution of birth, but only when the cesarean needs is needed." By doing so, we intervene in the natural interventions between humans and nature bacteria, "he concludes.

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