Tuesday , January 31 2023

The awesome and intuitive world that can be seen from above


Aircraft cemetery – Have you ever watched this airplane flying in the desert? Well, you did it. The Southern California airport in Victorville, on the west coast of the United States, operates more than 150 airports at a service depot. This is because the demand for the Boeing 747 has been significantly reduced in the last two decades.

Dtk Colors – These colorful strips are part of the growing Tulip in Liszes, a city in western Holland. Flowers begin in flowers in March. Every year 4,300 million bulbs grow in the country.

Complete forms – These small squares are part of the Eixample District of Barcelona in Barcelona, ​​which is a grid model used in building construction. The design of the Catalan Planner Iddepens Server in Catalog helps to spacious streets with callers at the Atlantic, make use of sunlight and facilitate ventilation. There is also a place allowing parking vehicles for a while.

Solar Concentration – This photo shows a specific solar thermal power plant. It is located in Seville, in the southern part of Spain. It has 2,650 mirrors that take advantage of the energy produced by the sun.

MONTAÑA FERRREA – This is a overview of a bare-metal ball in the Western Australia of the Weilak Mount. This mineral is 98% of the steel used in the construction of buildings, cars and appliances, like refrigerator.

Gaymistry Paris – The streets of Paris From 1853 to 1870, French head Georges-Eugene Hasman Instead, Varkani, spacious places, parks, fountains, water resources and hydropower systems were constructed.

Colors and shapes – How many geometric shapes can be identified in this photo? It was in Pembrochysheer, County County, the county of the south-east of the United Kingdom.

Perth waves – this is the sea that is located on the west coast of Australia. The region is famous for its scenic beauty and is surrounded by white sand. Blue from the sky, the flow of marine electric currents, and the horn shaped by the hornbill.

COLORS AT SEA – These tankers are standing near the port of Singapore, the largest in the world. One fifth of the ports in different countries passes and half of oil oil annually.

GREEN GREENHOUSEES – The structures found in the photo are located in Almaria, southern Spain. On the surface of the 194 square kilometer, they use a "Plasticultura" method, whose aim is to speed up the cropping of fruits. On a surface, only 18 square feet of total surface area can be seen in the image.

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