Friday , September 30 2022

"The authorities should focus on what will happen in the medium term"


Finance Minister Philip Lauren announcedFuel prices will come down This week and next.

The fall will be two Gasoline like diesel The National Petroleum Company published its annual report.

In this regard Chilean economist economist, Alejandro AlekuncHe said CNN Chile The problem is what is the transparency of oil prices in international markets.

"The question to ask is what is the tendency of the middle age because I put a question mark Oil and its price are related to geopolitical conflictsThis fight Saudi Arabia, The siege against IranWe need to add a theme in it Dollar price", Explained Alarcon.

He said about the above European news indicates that the values ​​of European countries are evaluated That will continue Threats from Brexite and Italy. "We can expect In Chile, prices have risen over the next two weeks"He said.

The specialist suggests that "oil and dollars will have the effect of gas and diesel prices."

"In the next two weeks the price will be lower, but the authorities will have to worry about middle class times," Chilean economist economist emphasized.

Does MEPCO work?

The FIG The subsidiary has collected 60 million dollars this year.

"The government said yesterday that the band is not going to expand, on the other hand there is another restriction Removal of tax reimbursement for benzene, ie, the authority to stop receiving revenue of $ 2,600 millionNow they are trying to adjust the Treasury and can not do it, "he explained.

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