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Technology refuses some myths and prejudices about artificial intelligence

This is one of science's most notable areas. The next approach to this topic is through many different science fiction films Artificial intelligence (AI) It eliminates planned control and attempts to humanity.

This is one of the biggest prejudices in artificial intelligence. But is this all true?

John Atkinson Artificial Intelligence has a PhD from Edinburgh University, who spent much of his life studying on this subject.

Atkinson was always worried to know more about this area. That is why he is destroying some of the illusions created in collective imagination.

Can I reduce fraudulent intelligence operations implemented in companies?

The reality is that AI is responsible for taking less frequent jobs that can reduce the conventional tasks. However, the uniqueness of the AI ​​is because of its similar effect on the concept of traditional information technologies several years ago.

For example, a customer should do so individually on a electronic branch of an electronic or mobile phone from your cell phone or home.

Is it fancy in the future to tempt people?

It is true that even in the clear functioning of an organization, the reality is far away. However, on the international level it may occur in certain areas.

In the defense industry, for instance, self-governance-based weapons have already taken place. It certainly affects not just a community but humanity, unless it is truly controlled. Therefore, many international organizations are banned and demanded to use AI in defense.

The use of artificial intelligence into aircraft or buses is much more dangerous than lead to human beings.

The use of self-regulatory driving of various types of vehicles in Mith makes a long-term advantage over risks and risks.

For example, in commercial flights, "Autopilot" (GPS-guided) flight modes are used over the years. Self-determination in flight and departure are the only time.

Also, when driving a machine, "bleeding", it involves the idea that there is no human driver who will "practice" the laws in full respect, and can predict situations ahead.

In some cases, artificial intelligence can be created to create emotions in robots?

The reality is not only machines, but the logic of emotion, and their beliefs about the world and their beliefs.

On the other hand, it is necessary to incorporate practical interaction with human beings and their adoptive feelings and emotions. For example, a commercial requirement of a customer depending on the purposes, feelings, and beliefs of a machine will be, in a way or other, very different and worse.

Is there a chance to describe a chip that allows you to keep your memory selected in some future artificial intelligence memory? (When a black mirror sees a chapter)?

On the side of the actual memory, there is important progress in determining the location where it lives and the electro-chemical data that causes the neuronal circuit in our brain.

It is not possible to extract this information and transfer it to the "physical" device, but rather than the "death" of a person, in addition to the "service", the memoirs will move to an "avatar" representing the postmortem.

A world with artificial intelligence features is full of many more unknown components.

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