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Super Smash Sucure explains why Kirby survives in the BSMS Ultimate.

It's been a week longer than one week waiting Super Smash Bros. Ultimatum And Masahiro or Sukura There were few words In the family Heading on some aspects of the last trailer.

The fans went unnoticed, and music was part of the final video. According to Japanese, this topic is "recommended for the occasion" Samato esuke. Not a single place for the entire title and soundtrack.

It is a fact that points to the fans Kirby Survive the attack in front of the other characters that are inexorably lost. In response, he said: "It was beautiful KirbyTo get away from Lumina, "on the other hand" is a cause, although the physical speed is much faster, it is a waste because it incorporates the star, so it's the port of the port. "

All those who indicated that other heroes could survive, Sakura "Banyanata can not escape because they are spiritualized in the purges and the miracle of Palatana does not work, because the souls became spirits".

However, he makes clear that he is "Kirby not" and "First Controllable Character" and that you do not have to worry if you are so very fanatical. He believes that everyone is a well-managed character.

And, be sure we have An update on the dayAlthough its weight is not specified. We will care about your availability.

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