Sunday , May 28 2023

Super Smash Bros. Celebrating the 20th anniversary


The author of the series Masahiro posted a message about the game's anniversary through Sakura on Twitter.

One day, 1999 was released in Japan Super Smash Bros.According to Mazariro Zakura's suggestion, the head of the HAS Laboratory, the succeeding of Mayor hailed to promote a continuing proposal.

Introducing the game is in addition to its slavery game that allows fun multiplayer games Crossovers Different characters from the Nintendo franchises such as Super Master, The Legend of Sold, Metroid, Tone Coming, Kirby, Star Fox and Pokemon.

Speaking of this topic, the first title contains 12 characters, and the idea of ​​a big evolution in the latest delivery can be selected from more than 70 fighters.

Well, on this particular day celebrating the game premiere, like Maulahi Zakari's appearance, to allow a tradition to lose its creator's message, Your personal account on Twitter He shared the following:

Super Smash Bros. 20th Anniversary During these 20 years, many people have enjoyed this series and enjoyed a good and happy way: at home and meeting competitions and competitions. Of course, hard work, but I am very happy. Thank you very much for playing.

Super Smash Brosk was receiving great reception in sales and sales. It's one of the most sold-out games on Nintendo 64. Being a successful franchise on that basis, deliveries in all consoles have recently been Super Smash Bros.

Super smash

What memories do you have with this super smash Browe title and regular sequels?

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