Wednesday , September 28 2022

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission begins in Japan on April 4th: More pictures and cover –


The drone ball card game is already in Japan. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission April 4 will be downloaded from physical and digital To Japan.

If you lose it, here we talk about the online wars of the game and its other mode.

Purchases of the physical edition will include 4 cards with SR rank (Goku: Xeno, Whale: Xeno, Trunks: Future, a fourth unknown) An avatar card for game arcade. Digital and physical purchases will also be launched. A Download the code for 2 cards with UR array (Goku, Vegetita, Jane)

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You will receive such prizes in order to gain it from your exit in the Western Revolution. Here are the new screenshots of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission:

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