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Starts Darksiders III with Launcher Trailer

Darksiders III begins with the launcher planeFinally THQ Nordic Führe's main character Darksiders IIIIf at this moment the agony of serious sins becomes aggrieved and the weak believer becomes clear to the brothers, the weak believer will be only one illusion.

With Darksiders III Many years limit their work to the program Shooting, David Adams is one of the creators of this idea, so this game should be very important to them. In a journalism published by the trailer, Adams says:

"Our team spent more than a decade, the story of the fourth cavalry of the Apocalypse, we are still starting from the beginning. Darksiders III That was a lot of fun. We sincerely hope as we do to our fans. "

He was joined by Reinhard Pollies as Executive Producer THQ NordicHe announced the song as a fan since his departure in 2010 Playstation 3, Xbox 360. He saw that with me Darksiders III They try to achieve the goal of presenting the universe a new generation of games, and the final product of this patient's fans is also awarded.

Darksiders III Is now available PlayStation 4, Xbox and One PC.

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