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Spanish newspapers: "It's Artillery Wydell signed into Barcelona" Sports

Arthur Widell Pass a long time in Spain. In addition to the second one in a row, rising to a starter in BarcelonaChilean is one of few players in his team against the PSV against Charles League.

At least he was impressed with the news of the national press conference, with the pressures of Hitler and journalists.

"This is Arturo Videl signed by the Barça contract. He has now shown himself as a player again Barça. Chile is competing with some others, giving them a team that they do not have: Comes from. Finally he saw his role, just like his share Polyneho Last year, more technology. It was not a miracle because two kinds of auctions were taken under firewood. Of course, Artero del Beer and Jub. One player who can play Crucial This season, "said Marcy.

As part of it, Mundo Dorporo,He was the most dangerous Barcelona player in the first half. He finished thrice. Both of them were beyond the goal goalkeeper. But the Chilean player sang the ball and hit two of the goals on goal line. He grabbed a hammer.

Finally, the sports Kyolo Midfield was "about to be a sprint in Spain, but has shown a ton of tone in many meters. He knows how to play in open battles, not a football player who controls"

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