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So you do not disturb the "loose"

As WhatsApp likes to make life more sophisticated, we have to go to the vintage technology associated with the start of time.

The first person who has received your message is the first two babies to know. Then blaspheres blame if you read it. Whether you're online or the last time that you've connected with, it's a little bit more complicated than anything you throw with you. No, no: Now you can not proceed without forwarding messages, because it will be read in the message "Angry". even though …

This way you should not show difficulties in transferring messages to Apple

Instead of avoiding WhatsApp's "dislike", there is Vintage

Sometimes solutions to very complicated issues are usually very simple, and they are also an event. Do you know how you lived before you had the option to send "back" to WhatsApp? Well done, a well-known appliance Copy and Paste Pass through the prostitution of the whole world.

Press and hold the question. Ready Go to the conversation you want to send, the box you write and then press and hold.

In the case of images, you can copy it by pressing it on the iPhone, but this option does not exist in Android. In this case, open the image, go to the Three Points menu and then select "Watch in gallery ". From the gallery you can share it with the conversation you want without seeing the message you are disturbed.

Here's what you can: You can send that message and image How often do you want Do not be charged to go ahead. The most important thing is privacy.

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