Friday , September 30 2022

Sebastian Piñera: "Jose Antonio Cast is not the Way to Chile"


The FIG President Sebastian Pinara He said on television The ideological and political project of Jose Antonio Cast "This is not the way to Chile".

Interview in the news MEGA, Pointed to Pinara His wife praised Salsily MoralWho is He said the weekend The third: "I think Jose Antonio represents the recognition that I do not want to be more convinced."

"Again I agree with my wife"The President said.

"I do not believe in extreme"

"In the last election, Hosea Antonio Cast had polled eight per cent of the vote That's not the way to Chile"He said.

"I do not really believe it. In conversations, I believe in the discussion in the search for contracts La Patria, Chile is all of us; We should respect our differences, Value variety. It is part of an independent, democratic society, "the president said A "right wing" of the regime has been denied He defended the "center of the right" thought.

"This President, our government, Chile, we are a government, a center is right front, With very clear values: freedom, democracy, human rights, justice, progress, rule of law; In the open market, an open, competitive social economy, believes in the best of development The government's role deeply believes in the implementation of social justice, providing good education for health in the administrationTo protect the environment. That's our way, "he said.

"Pinochet is part of a story"

The Phenomenon itself was terrified Augustus Pinochet, after that Broadcasting of Deputy RN Kamila Flores How to get through Minister, Cecilia Perez, As a mark of "diversity".

In this week's political discussion, Rann, president of UDI, Mario Desbordes And Jackwell van Rieselberg, To correct position and to give explanations.

Pinochet's rediscovery of the right "is a contradiction. Pinochet is a part of history, with the personality of Chile Chile and Chile and his government. The things that happened in human rights matters are very important against me.

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"Every chair has a comment on his retirement and his government and I am very critical of myself," he said.

"How can I punish independent thinking?"

On the other side of the same debate, he rejected the President Which is an attempt to give punishment for the denial of crimes of authoritarianismIt was already there The Human Rights Commission has approved the Chamber of Deputies.

"That is, punish the thought. Everyone is the owner of what he wants to do, and his method of execution is to punish freedom. Anyone who attempts to defend democracy in any democratic or civil law can be punished. But, How can I punish free thinking?"He asked.

"I do not refer to a specific case because I always denounce human rights violations, and I condemn all the places and circumstances, the serious cruelty and repeated violations of the military regime. Of course, I'm disagreeing with people trying to explain it, but from there to punish the trial … See, Orwell's dark dream, & # 39; 1884 & # 39; (sic) that will be legitimate"He said.

"The assumption that today will be punished … tomorrow will be tomorrow: & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; penalty?

"Germany, a very special case"

Prior to advocating what is happening in Germany, Pierre said, "He is Germany's case; A special disaster caused by a Nazi calamity killed 20 million people"

"In the dark age of the State I condemn human rights violations, and then there is no self-confidence to think of a person from their conscience (I do not consent).

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