Wednesday , November 13 2019
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Sebastian Morano is the new President of ANFP

Tsunami confirmed in ANFP: Sebastian Moreno is the new president of the next judiciary.

The rival candidate and the Artter's current member in the Zala Panel also won the election George Uey, In the unexpectedly closed election It reached the fourth round and defined it 25-21.

Everything goes up after the cox attack of the Arab film, but it can not be written in the second and third round, which garnered 24-22 votes, but the majority of the vote does not get a majority.

Monique, in this way, will take over his campaign on 7th January.

Maine Nails Outside

In the second round, the first round of the organization is determined by the next president George Wuwe and Sebastian Moreno.

The first round was shown after voting Sebastian Morocco 18 votes, George Yuvik 18 and Harold Mayne-Nichols 12 and Vote.

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