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Scientists have discovered how to remove HIV-infected cells Science and science


© Universal Scientists have discovered that HIV-infected cells may be eliminated

The discovery was carried out by researchers from the pastor institute.

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The new action has been taken this week to fight HIV. Researchers at Pastor Institute They found a way out Avoid infected cells This virus.

The findings are published in the journal Cell livelihoodScientists have discovered the specialties of CWT lymphocytes. Viruses are mainly targeted with cell membrane activity and they are able to destroy the inhalers of the disease and the affected cells.

The experiment was conducted to determine the cell's metabolism, especially its consumption Glucose, It plays an important role in risk.

Called research "Cell metabolism is the critical measure of the HIVV-1 reserve plant in CD 4 + T cells and the opportunity to face infection" This was done by researchers at the Panzor Institute. A French nonprofit organization contributes to the prevention and treatment of contagious diseases.

Results of query The first step to deal with viruses The disease does not stop, but it warns them The technologies used in patients are unutilized.

Chile is one of the few places 10 countries affected by HIV According to the ISP, there has been an infection in the past eight years 96% Mainly between 15 and 29 years old.

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