Tuesday , January 31 2023

Scientists are advised to reduce sunlight to prevent global warming


Researchers at Harvard and Yale universities say that a technique called a stratospheric aerosol vaccine (SAI) can be reduced to half of global warming, researchers said. His idea was to spray large sulfate particles up to 20km high in the lower stratospheric floor.

Scientists say that sulphates can be eradicated using balloons or plots. However, they know that this technology is now completely hypothetical. The team does not have the necessary technical or aircraft to conduct this experiment, but the team says it will create a system within 15 years.

UPS will cost $ 3.5 billion at an estimated cost of $ 2.25 billion a year.

This report recognizes that it is an imaginary deployment and its creation is possible.

We do not judge the compatibility of the UPS. An imaginary deployment program that starts at 15 years of age is technically technically a technology. That would be very cheaper.

The team also recognized that there was a risk with the system. Because in the two hemispheres, coordination between multiple countries is required. In addition, the SAI system can defame agriculture, cause drought, or create heat on extreme basis.

The School of Engineering at Harvard University and co-writer of studies, Dr. Gergog Wagner said:

Considering the possibility of increasing radiation farsing from a fixed date, these numbers depend on the incredible economics of solar geo-integration. Dozens of countries offer financing for such a program, and the technology required is not abroad.

One of the main reasons for global warming is the suggestions on increasing emissions of greenhouse gases.


Philip Thalamman, an expert at Climate Change Economics at Ico Polytechnic Feller de Losan, says that it is very expensive and more risky in the long run.

David Arker from the Geophysical Sciences section of the University of Chicago said:

In this way, the problem with the engineering climate is just a temporary band aid and that is a lasting issue forever. The test is to maintain the cleanliness of our energy system continuously. But we have to leave this planet in a form of life. If weather bills are not paid for a future generation, they will be heated at all times.

The project is not approved by any government or authority, and requires further education to check its validity.

The research results were published in the scientific journal Research Letters.

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