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Science is forbidden that I do not want to continue to have genetic editing tests

David Baltimore, Chairman of the Human Genome edition's second International Summit Organizing Committee denounces the work of Chinese scientist Jiankyi. In video, Jianyi is discussing with another genius.

Announcing the birth of the twin genetically modified twins, Henry Jianyilli, the shocked astronomer three days ago turned himself towards. His colleagues at the Human Genique edition in Hong Kong declared his closing statement "deep disturbance" and "irresponsible". The Chinese authorities, who had earlier announced the inauguration of a probe, were banned today. As the government put it, that investigation breaches China and "is naturally very disrespectful".

The Chinese Science and Technology division, Vice-Chan Nanpip, said in an interview with China TV's television channel CCTV. By changing the genes of a pregnant human embryo, he "not only ignores the moral principles and ethics that control the academic community," and "violated our rules and regulations"

"We need the provisions that are responsible for suspending the scientific activities of the individuals involved in these tests," he added. He appeared before the Congress in Hong Kong, referring to the experimentation of the current situation.

One of the most dangerous situations before the official investigation was completed. The scientific community turned to him. "While he (despite claims that evidence has been obtained) has been reformed, and has not taken any action and violated international norms," ​​the final resolution of the Jurist Congress was announced on Thursday. In Hong Kong

The resolution of this scientific community demands an independent assessment of Henry Jiani's inquiry. He argues that using the modern scientist Crisp Cas9 technology, using genetic variation. AIDS virus is used as a gateway to the immune system. Two scientists who thought the scientist would be good. With the modified genes, I have approved the second argument.

These queries are not recognized by any independent scientist or any of the organizations that have been associated with any genetic scientist and have been informed of the tests determined by the standards of any moral committee.

Last Monday, the amazing announcement about the birth of two genetically modified children caused a major upheaval within the international community. Jiankyi appeared on a video posted on a network. He secretly maintained there was no proper moral and clinical need.

On Wednesday, the DNA of two children, Nana and Lulu, successfully changed the disease due to HIV infection. To defend the disease caused by AIDS virus, he defended himself against criticism, admitting he was "the only way to cure any illness". But his speech did not convince the audience.

On Thursday he attended another panel of specialist congresses. But his exhibit was canceled "through his own decision". The drug department, one of the organizers of the geneticists, confirmed David Baltimore, a Nobel Prize.


Many experts have warned that future reforms will occur in humans. "By doing this, man changes the human gene pool and we will not see the impact of this generation after many generations," said Dennis Lawu-yu, chairman of the Chemical Psychology Unit at the China University in Hong Kong. . He said that there is no academic consensus to conduct this type of test in humans.

However, the way to get that deal can be from recent developments. Despite these tensions and clear accidents, the Congressional Organizing Committee points out that "the progress of the past three years and the negotiations in the current summit are time-fixing and accountability for such trials."

On the other side of the Pacific, National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Nursing Americas Merisa Maknat, President Viktor Dasu, have expressed their concerns about the incident in Hong Kong this week clearly demonstrating more specific criteria and principles that the international scientific community can accept. "

Finding consensus among scientists from around the world is not easy. Specialist Sarah Chan, professor of bioenics today said, "The international universal community can not be considered as a uniform body and is a diversity of diversity." For this reason, "there needs to be sensitivity to different situations on different occasions." This kind of evidence is hidden and transparent – "even acceptable."

While he was waiting for these purposes to come true, he thwarted his experiments. Because: The scandal that was created after the announcement and the establishment of hospitals in the institution and the hospitals started investigating the steps taken by the Chinese scientists in the aftermath of their participation.

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