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Savings Grows: Chile settlers in the third quarter crosses 4.5 million

While some economic surveys show the nature of growing in Chile, the number of people with heavy debts can not override their tendencies. In the third quarter of the year, there are already more than 4.5 lakh people in that group.

The Third Quarter Debt report, published by San Sebastian University, was distributed on Thursday, equipax, mumps.

The numbers that prove the evolution of individual loans in Chile reveal that the total number of settlers and total lending in the country increased by September. Of course, the curvature that emerges in relation to the trend decreases.

According to some estimates, Chile has a total of 4,509,598 debtors. It is estimated to be 3 per cent more than in September 2017. Regarding the total value of the crime, that percentage is more punishment for Chile. The debt burden rose to $ 1,682,218, an increase of 9 percent over the same month in 2017.

There are 2,299,660 males and 2,199,938 males. The trend that has existed over the years, stores the presence of retail women, and banks focus on banking.

Categories of Defaulters

Banks and retail loans will continue to capture areas. That is, the total number of fixed depositors is 40%, falling on that group for retail, and loan with 29% banks. However, the total amount of money (57%) in financial institutions, followed by retail (18%) and real estate debt (8%).

What happens to foreigners in Chile? Only 2.25 per cent of the total resident in this sector. However, their pockets are more than liable, their average is 2,103,211, and the cost is $ 1,679,499.

Territories and communes

As noted in the study, the value of the loan depends on the geographical area and the northern Chile is higher than the national average. Metropolitan holds $ 1,910,992, Tarapac ($ 1,897,686) and Atacama ($ 1,728,291). In Greater Santiago, Vigilanka's municipalities ($ 5,907,391), Las Condas ($ 4,713,587) and Providia (4,555,321 dollars) are the most deductible.

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