Wednesday , October 5 2022

Roma meat desports made instant television instantly


Chilean lived on a transparent day on Thursday Cinineros, just before the departure of Hermes Sooto Director General; That's the matter This was confirmed only from the Government at the afternoon.

In this background, journalists Patricia Venagas and Gonzo Ramirez lived in an unpleasant television moment. 24 hour channel A telephone conversation, a Deputy RN Inspired by Mass Devdodes.

The National Reunion's helmermine Vengez questioned Solo's attitude and the procedural complexities to resign from the resignation requested by the executive.

"I agree, but it must be the President (Sebastian Pinera), for the sake of corruption, was expelled"The male voice, clearly indicated that the overflows are not that adaptive.

Social network users have not noticed this moment, as soon as the name of MazideDardus has changed into a subdivided topic.

From 24 hours They acknowledged the mistake and apologized "One person X".

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