Monday , June 5 2023

Roberto Isverado's statements by big business leaders are "sad"


The strictest criticism continues, in an interview Pulse, Alimar President Roberto Isverio Menondas, contested against the Sebastian Pinera government. He accused the fisheries industry as being "weak and popular" when faced with the fishing industry.

Today he is the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), Alfonso Stuttett, Helmman.

Sonarappa's businessman and former employer should "forgive" the businessman who does not want to intervene in statements.

In the case of fishermen, the executive said that the executive would not have any technical arrangement and that the industry does not accept its concerns. He said the authorities had cheated the area and lost public confidence.

However, SWAT acknowledged that the "subject of society", the so-called "Battle of Cuttlefish", would be seen as "anxiety" of the industry, and acknowledged that the benchmark and presidential veto adopted by the government in particular "did not endorse a solution". Actors. "

"I think the quality, quality and quality of the discussions is beyond the reach of everyone's interests," he said.

However, CPC Helmanan warned, "We can not advise the solution, whatever we do today, is a call for common, good, political, and economic interests.

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