Tuesday , January 31 2023

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Former Paraguay's goalkeeper Jose Luis Chillotter He criticized the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) for the second ball of the final after he finished this weekend in Buenos Aires Libertador's CupThe tournament title must be given Boca Juniors.

"Today I hear this defamatory character (Alejandro Dominicius, president of the Compol, who said that the suspension of the Games), but he never talked about the Boca players, who are interested in billing," Chilavert told Radio Mitra.

Dominicas and Dominicas of Vegas Suffield and PENAROL, FIFA President and Swiss Jinia Infantino, said, "Boca was forced to play in the final, but only one piece.

"The worst thing is that Infantino came on Saturday in the Memorial Stadium (at the Memorial Stadium), and they realize that they are not bogus people and it is not allowed, and that this mafia is at the top," said Chilad.

Paraguayan, now a rival of the Compol's leadership, added: "Dominguez and Infantino are twice as lipstones in Naples in the United States," he added.

In conversation with Argentine radio station, Chillot recalled. "The abdomen inside the camp is being dismissed, and the review of the river plate has come to this finale," he said. The Xenize team was asked to give the cup. "If they want to clean the football, they should give a title with Boka Juniors."

The end of the conversation was the paraguayan lapricory. "I hope they can really clean up the football." Infantino and Dominus are trying to kill Eli, the former goalkeeper in Argentine football career in Argentine Welles surf. (EFE)

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