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Reassess the stench status and newspaper of parliamentary war


Agency one.

Brigade employees looking for crimes against PDI's environmental and cultural heritage, Stolen statues have been recovered Weapon with time of the Pacific War.

The FIG Pablo Iberra After finding work at the High Complexity Prosecutor's office in Rancagua, it was found in a mausoleum in the municipality. San Francisco Dostlers

The source of the investigation suggests that the place where these creations and inventions were discovered would be part of a businessman Raul shooler guards.

PDI commander arrested for carbonero in service

After a very long inquiry and analysis, it was possible to establish a statue Theft has been stolen since 2003. After more robbery, more pieces were ordered to steal.

Particularly, the bidhamma staff Eight statues from the Santiago General Cemetery, two statues in Santa Lucía Hill and the chest stolen from the San Francisco Congregation were stolen.

The ruler had killed three murders in Racello

In addition, armed forces were captured at the time of the Pacific War. Ibrahra said these operations would be valued from 150 to 200 million pesos.

Finally, there is no prisoner for this fact and it does not say that it is a theft of the request.

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