Wednesday , September 28 2022

Pumas is valid for Chirins Marin Rodrigues and Felipe Mora


Chile Footballers of the Year, Martin Rodriguez and Cruise Asul, Felipe Mora, could be purchased by the United Nations PAMAS team.

Two South American players reached Auriyabul for the 2018 Afternoon Tournament, called the Line MX. Coach David Patio is not in agreement with the project.

The Chilean sportsman Felipe Mora and Martin Rodríguez have been able to buy the legacy of the university.

When we take up two youngsters, "We want to give a continuous contribution to a team that will have a big tournament, which will definitely help, we can definitely strengthen the current project".

Philip Morra had 166 minutes in 21 minutes. There were nine touchdowns on the MX League. Rodriguez scored 20 goals in 1,562 minutes and scored three goals.

Last week, Vice President Landau Augusto reportedly reported the possibility of continuing the project. Only now is the illness of Mathews Alistair, an Argentinean.

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