Thursday , August 11 2022

PUBG Mobile has been updated with a Sobu mode based on Resident Evil 2


If there are two Bayel royalties shared by the pdf on mobile platforms, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite and Apex Legend until a minimum. Game capabilities enhance game titles The two headlines and time improvements are updated with news, and recently, the map of FORTRAN begins to open the new season of the season, Sorry mode received PUBG mobile.

This new mode, introduced in the beta version a few days ago, Version 0.11.0 is deployed That has started in today's times on Google Play and the App Store. As you can imagine, this is a survival mode, not killing other players, you do not have to stop them from killing you from killing them.

Resident Evil 2 of Jumps


This fictional mode comes from the new resident Evil 2 Remi hand, a classic game review survival horror Capcom. It should work in a computer mode. (Four) keep PUBG's mobile essence Additional layer of trouble.

The game is the same, ie, you will have to chase weapons and firearms equipment and weapons, ammunition. That's the difference And at the right hand of the army you shall find. Initially they are weak, you can kill them easily, but when the game progresses they become more powerful and you need help.

Parent Mode is only available for level 10 or higher users

Som will be seen by the capitalists, some of them Based on the superiors of Resident Evl. As the name suggests, they are stronger than ordinary jabovels, killing them, and the top level tools used to win the game.

To access the zombie mode, select New Poster ("Survey To Dawn") next to your character and continue with the matching. It is important to pay attention Only the player's status is 10 or higher It's a limited program and can only play for a while. It is available on iOS and Android. You need to update the application.

PUBG Mobile

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