Sunday , January 29 2023

Price of the new gold: palladium rose


Palladium recorded the best performance this year at the New York Stock Exchange. Investors say that this process has begun, Bloomberg reports.

Growth factors

The market is a very good foundation

According to the CPM group, 70 per cent of the demand Palladium is from automotive industry. Metal, which is used mainly by the control controllers from the transition from the automotive industry to the diesel to the petrol engines. Demand for the limited distribution market has now been changed.

Experts pointed out China's fight against smoking This is another factor due to the growing demand for palladium. Because strict pest controls have used car producers for more catalytic converts.

Limited offer

"The market has a very good viewpoint (…) and we interact with the distribution commissions. Eight yearsI hope it will continue. There was a problem in mining and mining stocks, "Maxwell Gold, director of Investment Strategy at Aberdeen Standard Investment, said.

The market's climate ratio, including the city council, has been reloaded this Friday It costs about $ 1,170.

Pelletium production is very central to platinum. Now Russia and South Africa are One third of the world's mining. The production of Russia, the main producer of Russia, was 81 metric tons in 2017. Russian company Norilsk Nickel is the largest producer in the world's palladium, accounting for about 40 per cent of world production.

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