Monday , February 6 2023

President of Comumbabol made his disassociation and advised him to establish peace in superclassic



"A sad day in South American football is to express solidarity for those affected by CONMEBOL players and their families, to have the best performance in South South Africa football, how to have a sports event to enjoy,The leader said.

Alejandro Dominguez

Near diamonds, D

Domingues, along with the Don & # 39; Onofrio Angelique

The hashtag decided to put up a number of tweets that were framed by Domencees For "Share" the values ​​of a fair game.

"The lives of those at risk are at risk, professional athletes attack the lives of millions of good fans, who violate the criminal activities of their footballers, their football, their country and their continent., In the other section of the statement.


Finally, this surprise leader calls for steps to capture responsible and red attempts to "make public order" at this Sunday meeting.


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