Sunday , May 28 2023

Pocket ultrasound machine that works with smartphones


Democratizing health The American scientist Jonathan Rotherberg has been motivated to be guided by his latest technological innovation: a pocket engine that allows the user to perform its own ultrasound and ultrasound from a smartphone.

Jonathan tried to give her daughters a solution, a tuberose sclerosis patient, a disease that prevents kidney disease and a range of ultrasounds. Dad could not wait to wait a few hours for her waiting, so he gave life to this small gadget and was able to take it in your pocket?

Butterfly iQ will reverse the market for this exam exam. This is enough to get the results of different situations with the telephone: the liver or a tumor, the growth of a fetus in the uterus.

Since its operation is simple, the main goal of its creator is accomplished: it is useful for all general public, not for experts only. "We do not have a vision to strengthen health professionals and we wanted to have a chance to use a window for the human body," Rothberg says.

The original size of this portable altrasantinre, Development, University of medical, educational and technical expert Victor pasta, "it will be very beneficial pearttabilikk, reagiyuteyum gets low costs of this technology, the cost of electric devices, and more, will be the most important thing: the human factor. It is important to read the images. Why does a doctor to a specialist. It is also, pratikulamayekkam a diagnosis, "the expert explains.


This amazing little clue uses thousands of small sensors, which also puts a computer chip. Inside, a picture of a human body is made. It costs about $ 2,000 on the internet (1 million 300,000 peso), which is a method of payment in installments.

The 38-year-old Carmen Kantilana, her first pregnancy pregnancy, said, "Such a tool is perfect for me because my child's growth will help me to look at me, but it does not seem to me because it can save a benefit, lag, time and money," says the future mother.

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