Thursday , June 8 2023

Plisque was the historic return of the Australian Serena Williams


Check tennis player Carolina Slideshow (8th WTA 8) after hitting the final set 1-5, a historic return was signed. Quarter-final Australian Open The American Serena Williams (16a) 6-4, 4-6, 7-5. Two hours and 10 minutes.

"The locker room I am in. I am confident that I'm talking as a game winner now," admired Surprisingly and Plecuco. Gaga Slam (24) is the most successful team in tennis player Margaret Courts.

They played their previous round of the Spanish Premier League The Garbage Murguru (18) stormed into the semifinal of the first semi-final.

In addition to the success and courage of sixth season sixth, the sensational score board made it to the third set.

Checker of the former Spanish tennis player Connita MartinezThe next Japanese will have to deal with Japanese Naomi Osaka (4a) Elena switolina (7a)

"In this very year, she is performing well in this past year and I can stay in front of her opponent," says Plskowsa, who has a 2-1 straight win against the next opponent. .

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