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People with disabilities coincide with software and hardware


Microsoft is committed to recent developments involving some people with disabilities. For example, we found this to be the best ingredient with Xbox Adaptive Controller. even though, Redmond's company is not the only one that builds this way.

That's it The code has Jumper ProjectOne way of accessing the programming language is to provide users with certain types of disabilities for the use of blocks. A program that aims to teach students who are blind or blind at the moment

Learning helps

The use of code jumping is basically very intuitive for users of this type. It is based on the touch of blocks in the form of various shapes and colorsDifferent functions can be implemented by connecting various physical components that can create multiple computer programs.

Code jumper

The use of these devices is essential for these children The program helps you learn It probably encourages not to allow a feeling of change in the future if they change their way of life. The return of these people is a way to get to work and work related to computers.

Microsoft The American Printing House collaborated with The Blind The code jumper is closer to users, with the goal of working as the basis for further users in the future.

as well as, Immersive reader announced for Microsoft VR. It is helpful to use ADHD, autism, dyslexia or virtual reality devices to help with any visual disability. For this purpose, the reader for VR will benefit from reading any user who needs further assistance.

New hardware for class


Education here does not end here for Microsoft, because In parallel they introduced new ones Hardware Intended for use in the classroom. It is a seven-pronged Windows-based PC designed for a new Microsoft Classroom Pen, Classroom usage.

New Microsoft Classroom Pen It is designed based on the needs and specifications to be used in the classroom. It has got a strong and immune system. The longer lasting tip is lost with "tie".

Microsoft Classroom Pen is intended for the purpose of education, and now it can not be purchased by general public This is only available in 20 units packages About $ 800 on a package worth $ 40, will be presented in February in 36 markets which are currently available to surface.

As for computers Seven models available in the second half of 2019 Their price starts at $ 189 for laptops and $ 300 for desktop computers.

  • Lenovo 100e
  • Lenovo 300e (2 in 1)
  • Lenovo 14th
  • Acer TravelMate B1 (B118-M)
  • Aerial travelmate spin b1 (B118-R / RN)
  • Aerial travelmate B1-141
  • $ 3300 for Dell for education

That's the same as that of Microsoft Classroom Pen Tools for schools and academic institutionsHence the prices are designed for a large amount of purchases. In addition, each computer receives free access to Office 365, operating system Windows 10S

These and other news were presented at the bet which will be held in London in 2019 ** This is a process based on the application of technology in the education field, which Microsoft plays an important role.

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