Sunday , May 28 2023

Patricklal Maldonado has been detained against historians by Katrina Barigei


Conductors such as Sin Ltd D Radio Agriculture, Patricia Maldonado, and Raqual Argondonna have been coined by Luso National. There are also Kathi Bariga in the Mayo of Capi Bariga, Chile in general.

In fact, with Bernardo O'Heins, Santiago Beaires, the Virgin, Metro, and San Martin with the head of the village. In this, Maldonado wondered "Where are the monkeys who want to take her to the vicinity of these important people?" Raquel Argandoña had warned that "the image of Mayor tires is very clear".

In addition to the "Kathi Bariga" scholarship offered by Municipal Corporation in Maupu, three students will benefit from Chairperson and National Public Sector Unions.

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