Tuesday , January 19 2021

Paredes admits that the arrival of Salahas to Colao Cologne, Paredes admits: "I have good indications that everything is good at what they say"

Cologne colored gray year ends. On the last date, they won a pass in 2019 for the victory over Huchi. By that time, they did not get the main goals of the classification of Bípptopento Copa Libertadoras. It hurts the inner morning and that Captain Esteban Parade in a brutal self-criticism.

"We're responsible for this campaign, we have not assigned players"The current scorer expressed in the championship said that in the worst moments of sluggish lakes in Colo Coo, "There is no club and no internal disputes, it's more valuable, and we'll come back to that balance next year". He added.

That was the main victim of the Kalkalani campaign Ha ha haThe DTB was followed by the conclusion of the Concepcion University university. Position can be changed. Alma Bonus realized what was complicated: "It's complicated when you do not aim. When you act on the part of the kind they ask you, they decide to set the fire on you. We knew Tito, that we had a good relationship with that group, which may be otherwise. It's hard to know that way. "

Before the arrival of McCool's new coach, Pares said "The meeting will meet with the committed committed team and will do everything. We are not a huge dressing room, We do not matter with technical experts We say many things", The stressor emphasized.

Finally, Mizo talked about the favorite of the DT "I do not know him personally I have good references about him. He has a great personality, everything they say is good. "

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