Thursday , October 28 2021

Panerama Project seeks to change the name and mission of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning


President Sebastan Pinera On Monday, the Social Integration Integration Bill was signed. One of its programs includes a change of name and current stress Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINVU)

The portfolio will be called City Department and HousingTargeted to create "City All India Areas" And he cast lots in all the streets.

With this, this indicates Utilize our cities for the development of transport and safety, health and other development programs.

"There are places in our town where there is no trunk line, public transportation, metro, huge state investment, parks, no essential areas," Pinara argued.

"The change of name change reflects" a commitment to a new urban model. "The aim of the project is to" turn a machine manger led by this new ministry into a social consolidation ".

The "end of this divided country" is to integrate "families of all socioeconomic regions" into the most basic infrastructure neighborhoods.

It will also help to improve the city's densification, a protected lace program, building activities and housing development programs.

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