Thursday , October 28 2021

Pancho Chevadra raises criticism after signing the AUS agreements with Rwale Argandona. Tv and show


Raquall argantona After making sure the animation, there was strong criticism Francisco Saavedra Participating in the Civil Union Agreement (AUC)

The panelist in her radio program Welcome On 25 November, he ordered that the driver had made his birthday in a vineyard in Curicó. It was a small ceremony for a lot of people from the showcase.

His words are due to waves of criticism Communication has not spoken publicly about his experiences.

"If so, Pancho Savedra is talking about someone else. This is the problem, I do not think it's good intentions, "Cyberdate Soladard González said.

He said in a shadow of the conversation on social network: "Dear Sollard, I create news for my work not for my private life, but not for sale.

"You are searching what God is waiting for, If you put your poison through your mouth, it is the responsibility of living in the most painful way "The animation has been added and the message was deleted.


Remember Saavedra is one of the best moments of his career. He has gained public recognition for two programs in airTalking places And Against all opposition) And his support to support his social causes.

Coppay D'Oro would succeed as the best animationR, Saavedra criticized public health concerns for "approval of confessions".

As a part of his studies, he has been able to deal with many sick people in the fight against cancer.

"I had the opportunity to meet people who had cancer, and they had seen the rally at public health," he said. "I'm sorry that fellow people will die because they do not have health", The sentence was pronounced.

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