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Oxygen helps prevent resistance to lung cancer in women. News of Gipuzkoa

Women who have respiratory cancer for lung cancer (ICEPEM) have been asked by the health authorities to strengthen their breast cancer and renewable policies.

The Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), the latest report of the Cancer Day of World Cancer Day on February 4, was the third most common cause of lung cancer in women.

"The latest SEOM report should be a warning to the health authorities, a phenomenon that we have warned specialists over the years to increase this tumor in women" ICIDEM, Javier Castro

Lung cancer is the third highest in women in four years. The use of tobacco in women has increased. On the other hand, men's lungs represent a trend similar to decrease in male smokers.

"We now see the consequences of late smoking in women who are in the lungs between 80 and 90 per cent, but our girls will be the first generation if they do not take time, louis vuitton handbags. It's more than that, "said Dr. Castro.

Some years ago, remembering lung cancer was the first 10 most common tumors in the lists. According to the anti-smoking laws, the organization was forced to "strictly" to demand the health and public health authorities.

Additionally, as the expert adds, we need to emphasize the youngest youths who know that teenagers and teenagers start smoking habits to strengthen smoking and stop smoking.

The number of cancer cases in Spain has risen to 12 percent since 2015. Mainly the number of men in women is double (17.4%, 8%). 2% for males).

In recent years, SEP reported that lung cancer death rate in women increased by 6.4%, as a result of the improvement in treatment, resulting in increased lung cancer (among women in the first of men in the first level of mortality in humans).

"When talking about lung cancer, a clear defensive tumor is telling us that the death of the death in our hands is in our hands," the IIPP president ended.

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