Tuesday , September 27 2022

Oil prices continue to remain barrel in negative mood in oil prices


Oil production fell by 10 per cent year-on-year during the first half of the year.

Brent Elcoise 1 barrel dropped 47 cents to $ 53.88 a barrel, while the US crude CLC1 fell 19 cents to 0.41%, down 45 cents. $ 69 per barrel.

Investors' concerns for the improvement of the global economy have declined from the beginning of a new year to crude oil and other markets. Unless there is a deal to release federal funds, the US crude oil consumption is likely to affect concerns over the government's fall.

* Two oil companies are at their worst in three years, three years after they pushed for more than one year in the first month of October.

* With the emergence of the US as the world's largest producer for the success of the shale industry,

* Currently 11.6 million barrels of crude oil is overpowered by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Large oil producers of oil producers (OPEC), dominated by Persian Gulf countries, tried to prevent price hikes in the Middle East dependent on energy exports.

In January, Russia's 1.2 million barrels, including OPEC and other Russian producers, are not compulsory in Russia.

OPEC Secretary General Mohamed Burkinto said that the volume of oil firms signed in the supply chain has declined. Reuters.

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