Sunday , January 17 2021

Officially Served Land Chile Google Pay, which allows you to pay with your cell phone | Technology

Lastly, Wednesday, the official arrival Google Pay In your country, you can pay for your cell phone with the store.

This is a service that helps you buy abroad and abroad in Chile.

To use it, you must have at least one cell phone on Android- using technology 5.0 NFC, And enter the card in the Google Pay app.

Along with indicating the official platform of the company, some names can pay for their Phal'Ella CPR Visa Credit Cards and Google Payments.

This tool is based on a software that is used to communicate with commercial terminals using NFC technology. Once the client downloads and configures it, you can start shopping to bring your unlocked phone POS terminal contactAs you do with a control card.

Google Pay
Google Pay

Users in Chile can also join loyalty systems for commercial stores such as Starbucks, Burger King, Latim Chile, Subway, Hard Rock Cafe, Walmart Chile, Adidas or Vomiet.

In this way, Chile becomes the 27th country to achieve this modern payment method. Only Brazil in South America is enabled.

Google Chile's General Manager Edgar Frause, a few days ago, used Google Pay "Protect payment information with multiple security levels".

"Our habitat is completely open and we work with hundreds of industries, banks and governments around the world to create simple and easy-to-use payment solutions," he added.

Note that the launch of Google Pay is not a problem. As mentioned in Google, some Huawei devices do not pay in stores in this system.

"We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible," they said from the firm.

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