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"No one wished to miss, they all lost": Soccer at Nicky-Boca Madrid through the "Adrid" Argentine

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This Thursday Complish Disciplinary Unit is waiting for everyone: Complaint about Copa Libertadorus's attack on Boca Juniors River Plate.

Click & # 39; Bostons & # 39; After dismissing the presentation, the South American Football Team surprised everyone. Copa Libertadores' second final, especially the Madrid, Madrid and Spain, all surpassed the reconstruction of Spain.

In this sense, many viewed it as a gift to play at the Bernabeu Stadium in this final episode of disrespect, but this decision could not be concealed in trans-Andean papers.

At least, it was found in journalist Martin Vogue Cleary "Riveri- Bocha: No one wants to miss, in the end they lost all".

The column focuses on "a big mistake when we thought we'd be the final one and not wanting to lose it all".

"Osvaldo Soriano's stories – before the departure of the Flood – from Horacio Quirón – from Boca Micron attack, each side consistent operations, combined – he spent a month, we still do not know who the champion is," he added.

"Thus, beyond all, the fear of losing has led to the loss of all," he added The main victims are Campbell, Boca Juniors and River Plat.

Dominigie, details of Voogd, "boasted his hands proudly, saying that Boca would be given this river and that all the possible things in South American football were bad."

"Daniel has lost EliánThe memorial was signed at a memorandum to play at the noon of terror. But after hours, he got strained. He will go to the river. Do not complain until TAS has been issued. Now, after wearing the rope and losing some of its political capitals, He had no reserved reserves to play in Madrid., And he decided.

For D & # 39; Onofrio, the river sculptorThe journalist said, "When everything is fixed, His most difficult challenge was in an unexpected conference Place on Mar del Platea, where he did nothing but throwing the Naphtha fire into the fire. He apologizes. But it's too late ".

In the end, Martin Woggrew summed up what happened in the experience of the most trans-Andean people: "Everything is lost, in fact, we've all been lost"

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