Thursday , June 8 2023

New York: The biggest outbreak of fifth ten mills – medical news


In the autumn Orthodox Jewish community the virus has spread in the autumn

Measles was discharged in America two decades ago. But after the last fall, the situation in New York has the worst outbreak in recent history.

The authorities make it look like two elements: the rejection of vaccines and the import of viruses from other countries. In New Jersey, Oregon and Washington, there are also cases in other parts of the country.

Stressed cases already hit 180 in New York.

Particular attention is paid to the intensive Jewish community of health care, as the virus spread rapidly. They encourage family members to prevent the immunization of children. Israel was out of a break and faced. That is why special considerations are being given to the country and Europe.

Since October, 58 children have made a contract with Borough Park in Brooklyn, Williamsburg and the neighborhood. The population of Orthodox Jews is very high. The first child that traveled to Israel suffered a disorder. "I am not vaccinated," says the authorities, "others who are not immune and non-traveling." "It is important for the family to save themselves on the trip," repeats the health workers of Oxideus Bardot in New York.

In Rockland, New York County, there is a large Orthodox Jewish population that has registered more than 100 cases. They are thirty in the New Jersey Ocean County. Half of reported cases across the country are total accounts. Encourage authorities to distribute papers to congregations and schools "avoid misses".

Measles, pearls and rubber vaccine are recommended for children aged 12 to 15 months, but are required to attend school at four or six year intervals or days. But for religious reasons they can avoid parents. According to local media, 80% of the children are not poisoned in Rockland.

You need ten to twelve days to give your face. Health Department officials in New York are meeting their religious leaders and pediatrics, driving their children and other children "to help get aware of risks.

Cities in New York have not been vaccinated at their homes as a director in the places where the Christian gap was constructed. Some students are not school for months. As Agradas Israeli Israel has pointed out, some parents create tension because they refuse to vaccinate their children.

These communities are isolating and rejecting any external interaction with their laws. But there are few leaders in Williamsburg to follow the recommendations of health authorities. According to Disease Control and Prevention Center for Development (ICDS), a fifth of five children die.

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