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New option to boycott Manchester United Manchester Rear

From the beginning of the season, the Portuguese requested Jorí Mourinho to embark on a new center. Chris Sminging, Eric Bailey, Victor Lindlowff, and Marcos Rojo demanded the elimination of a new center to improve performance. Technician Manchester United.

Last week, the Senegalese Calede Coolibili (Naples), German Jerome Boatung (Bayen Munich), Dutch Matthias de Ligt (Angam of Agux), Slovakian Milan Scinariar (Inter Milan)), but, in fact, all of them are of high price and their clubs will be refusing to let them in the middle of the season That's not possible.

Due to the sum of these components, That Daily record This is a player playing at an affordable price today Red DevilsBrazilian Edar Milituto. The defender, who was only 20 years old, had last summer Porto He has scored 13 games in this short period. Therein he has proved his talents and strength.

While it seems logical to think that the price of other futures is not as high, review the historic sale of the Portuguese portrait, and the United States will try to hire you this last month. In September and Brazil, he made his debut in September and September.

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