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NES Classic, SNES Classic or PlayStation Classic: What's the best console for you?


This Christmas one Miniature console That would be a nice gift Veteran star These small theater stations are in the household because Nostalgia is kick directly. But which console to buy? Now it is an invasion of these products We will give you some guidelines to make a good decision.

Common Guidelines

First we need to specify what a mini console and the most common questions about the behavior they share.

1 ° The consoles are not the real size, they are much smaller when you turn your hand, for example, in the case of PlayStation Class it is 45% smaller than the original console.

2 ° The games are pre-installed on these consoles, you have to play on the TV and play the game. You can not add or move games anymore, these consoles do not read old discs and cartridges.

3 ° These consoles are not compatible with any hardware in their original editions, all of which are the new technology in the first models.

Choose the Catalog you like the most

Each console general guidelines come with a series of pre-installed games, so selecting the console with the most titles you're enjoying will be decisive, then we will be NES classic, SNES classic and PlayStation Classic.

NES classic (30 games):

  1. "Balloon Fight"
  2. "Bubble bobble"
  3. "Kasilia"
  4. "Cascavian II: Symonds Quest"
  5. "Danika Kong"
  6. "Danika Kong Junior"
  7. "Double Dragon II: The Rise"
  8. "Doctor Massey"
  9. "Excitebike"
  10. "Final Fantasy"
  11. "Galaga"
  12. "Ghosts n Gublins"
  13. "Gradius"
  14. "Icecream"
  15. "Kid Icarus"
  16. "Kirby's adventure"
  17. "Masi Bros"
  18. "Mega Man 2"
  19. "Metroid"
  20. "Ninjai Guidance"
  21. "Pac-Man"
  22. "Punch out! Mr. Dream"
  23. "StarTropics"
  24. "Super c"
  25. "Super Master Bros"
  26. "Super Master Bros. 2"
  27. "Super Master Bros. 3"
  28. "Texas Bowl"
  29. "The Legend of Sella"
  30. "Seldah II: The Adventure of Link"

SNES Classic (20 + 1 Games):

  1. "Against III: The Alien Wars"
  2. "Danny Kong Country"
  3. "EarthBound"
  4. "Final Fantasy III"
  5. "F-Zero"
  6. "Kirby Superstar"
  7. "Kirby's Dream Course"
  8. "The Legend of Selda: A Link Link The Gour"
  9. "Mega man x"
  10. "Secret secret"
  11. "Star fox"
  12. "Street fighter II turbo: hyper-fighting"
  13. "Super Castle IV"
  14. "Supergroup & Ghosts"
  15. "Super MacKart"
  16. "Super Mayaciopi: Legend of the Seven Stars"
  17. "Super Mario World"
  18. "Super metroid"
  19. "Superpunch-out !!"
  20. "Yoshi's island"
  21. Starfox 2 (Unpublished game, never released in original console)

PlayStation Classic (20 Games):

  1. "Final Fantasy VII"
  2. "Jeff's flash"
  3. "Ridge Racer 4"
  4. "Tekken 3"
  5. "Wild arms"
  6. "Cool Borers 2"
  7. "Intelligent queue"
  8. "Grand Theft Auto"
  9. "Batillin arena tobinden"
  10. "Resident Evil: Directors Cut"
  11. "Siphon filter"
  12. "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six"
  13. "Jeff's flash"
  14. "Oddem: Abes Adice"
  15. "Twisted metal"
  16. "Dorothy of the Destruction"
  17. "Mr. Dyer"
  18. "Rayman"
  19. "Revelations: The Person"
  20. "Super Display Fighter II Turbo"

Decide how much your budget is

These miniature consoles have not gone down properly, now you can find second cell in retail retailers now, so the price will change much, which is a projection of the PlayStation Classics price when it comes to stores in Start Classic

NES classic – Approximate price: S / 349

SNES Classic – About Price: S / 429

PlayStation Classic – About Price: S / 559

With these small guidelines you can decide which of these consoles to buy; The most obvious and obvious answer is to buy a mini version on the first console marked by your childhood.

The FIG NES And then SNES Classic Now available in the market PlayStation Classic That December 3, 2018.

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