Thursday , June 8 2023

NASA also reveals that there will be asteroid and thousands of cracks on earth


A study report by scientists University St. Petersburg, RussiaApophys, a 1066-foot-diameter, revealed that the collision may collapse The earth By 2068.

This query was published by the agency News RIA Novosti is similar to the predictions made by NASA scientists that this asteroid 19,800 miles will land on Earth.

This distance, accordingly Experts For Americans, it is very close, so this asteroid can be misled by a path that gravitates the gravitational pull of our planet. The FIG NASAWhen the asteroid reaches the planet, it will have an effect of 2,500 megawatts, which will result in large craters on the surface.

However, in 2029, the orbit of its orbit must be very close to the planet. However, the possibility of this event is limited.


"Apophis is one million in a collision probability of 3, and there are other corpses that are high in impact, but we do not have them classified as dangerous," he said. Scientist Boris Schoostov for Sputnik Daily

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