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Microsoft redefines office icons using modern and attractive new design language cleaner

The FIG Microsoft Office The design of Windows 10 and the new design language known as Fluent Design has now decided to change the Icon Pack of the popular apps that make up Office Suite.

With this change, in addition to Microsoft, the office reflects its new collaboration and multiplayer character, which is intended to create An identity stamp outside Windows And it has been approved on Mac, iOS and Android.

Office is no longer in Windows

The fashionable "flat design" was approved by Microsoft Design Team Each icon will be highlighted in two layers: A letter and its color is the identity of the next application; Another fund speculates how easy it is for the application. There's only one drive, the shape of the cloud and the skype. This is why the famous & # 39; s & # 39; Captures all attention.

John Friedman, Microsoft's design director, explains: "Simplicity helps you to keep your emphasis simpler when you're in the application." Interestingly, a change in the breathing of a new system, The icons are familiar and easy to recognize.

As a curious, & # 39; JavaScript & # 39; November Highlights & # 39; X & # 39; Work & # 39; XL & # 39; = & # 39; Excel & # 39; The Microsoft Word & # 39; L & # 39; s for the previous change in 2013 for the Excel icon that helped with the pronunciation of English (Microsoft) Wrote. & # 39; L & # 39; s in these new changes. Never will come back.

It should be noted This redesign suite contains only the icons, not the interfaceDo not make changes in Office 2019 on all platforms available in the office.

According to Microsoft, "seeking humane designs that reflect the speed of modern life."

Microsoft Office New Icons 1
Microsoft Office's new icons 2
Microsoft Office's new icons 3
Microsoft Office's new icon 5
Microsoft Office's New Icons 6

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