Wednesday , September 28 2022

Mega Strategy With Paradip Idol to Compete with Queen's Debut of Franklin Tv and show


On November 19, the channel will release on November 13th. Queen of Franklin, Joey's contract, Claudia de Guilolo and Francesco Perez-Bannen.

New production will be held after 20:00 pm Red, TVN Island of Paradise, Mega's.

Following this, the signal of the Bete Group decided to announce the play, and announced that they would present an extended episode through many important events.

One of them will cry out Juan Luis (Fernando Gidejo) Ainchina (Dayaana Amigo), Rosalia (Magdalena Muller), Hernan Seplelev (Sesar Seattle) her father.

In addition, Franz (Nicholas Orenann) will be surprised by Sofia's unexpected return (Montserrat Ballarin).

The romance, love and kiss of the Carol (Paula Volpato) and Oscar Lion (Francis Melo) will not be as good as this.

The most successful business partner in traditional neighborhoods is Laine Reina de Franklin Yolonda who tells the story of Guido's Garuda Contra, a short name given to soap opera. However, her problem begins with Claudia di Girolamo, her exsuegra, taking over all areas in the neighborhood and trying to create modern amenities.

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