Sunday , April 2 2023

Maduro sends the message to Chile: "You are a victim of propaganda against the Bolivian revolution" | International


President of Venezuela, Nicolas MaduroI send you a message to the Chileans in particular, where he calls two people and the unemployed and a victim of a media propaganda against the Bolivian revolution.

I would like to send a message from Venezuela's heart. Venezuela is a country that goes beyond the psychological propaganda, and they make dirty campaigns against our country. Venezuela is an open gates country. In Latin America, those doors are open for Chile "Send a message to a Madura Twitter account.

The Venezuelan leader pointed out that Chile had helped some of the media / psychoanalytical campaigns of the Bolivian revolution.

"Chile, Chile, I tell you, you are a victim of a permanent campaign against the Bolivarian revolutionYou faced a right-wing dictatorship with Augusto Pinochet, who utilized a number of adverse factors for the relation of our people. Overcoming many of the pipelines, "he added.

Following the Chilean government's finance ministry, Maduro's message was withdrawn every week to bring back some 200 residents of Venezuela. Due to the serious crisis that has affected him since 2013, he wanted to leave this country.

Caracas was financed in a similar operation with the Venezuelans in Chile. Only 100 of them decided to return to Venezuela.

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