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M & M's chances of using 3.5 GHz bandwidth

Both companies are recognized as not having this band.

A new verdict was raised in disputes going on in the telecommunications sector. To make sure that the 3.5 GHz brand in front of the auction of 5G technologies asks me to make sure that both my cholero benefits are in the Movistar Court of Defense of Free Compatibility.

The two companies have national covers to implement this technology. After the opposition to national-Mexican companies, the power was partially cleared, and companies have been developing fixed services through the wireless network.

Before the TDL LCC, Movistar evaluates whether the developer will have 3.5 gHz band and will have a better position when it comes to 5G. .

"3.5 GHz band of the judicial batteries atisayeaktiparavumaya a competitive counter-competitively can implement security mechanisms to prevent the necessary decisions on the gunannaletukkunnatil natappilakkattapaksam sabttinre, it is their opponents in the mobile telecommunications sector, competition, market and compete outside of the contaminated structure, it is injecting Tsarattil to be designed for retrospective control, "says the 21-page documents.

According to the estimates of facts, the movestar charges were issued for serving in this group, and when the tender was received in 1999, it was intended to develop a fixed telephone, but the wireless would have been actively dismissed by the mobile technologies that are based on the allegations.

"If the requests for this approval are intended to be in the infrastructure gap that is compatible with the 5G network, I will provide competitors with competitive advantages among other mobile operators, and if appropriate backup is not accepted," Movistar says.

In the special company's opinion, the two companies have already deployed the infrastructure, which will benefit them in the bidding process, so if they have a place in 5G, they can sell their services much earlier than their competitors.

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