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Live: Juvenes first with Valencia Cristiano Ronaldo

Turin, Italy

Keep your minds against your wounds. Cristiano Ronaldo He did not forget his discharge Valencia This is the second time against Spain in Spain UEFA Champions League, When a portrait is not excluded, there will be a rethought to send and send messages Golden Ball.

Time, where to look: The game will start in Honduras at 2:00 PM and will broadcast Fox sports in Honduras.

On September 19, she made her mascot debut Juentus In the championship, "competition", the Portuguese do not think that they will be expelled by Messalah, collided with the protection of Colombia Jealous room.

After 30 minutes, CR7 His eyes tears out, but his teammates won (2-0).

Helper Findenter:

JUVENTUS: Sassanni, Cancio, Bonusi, Chillinini, Alex Sandro; Panik, Betanoor, MattuviDi; Dibala, Cristiano Ronaldo, Monsuke.

Valencia: Neo, vase, polyte, diacabe, ga; Paraguay, Cordogia, Cocvolin, Gideus, Santi Mina, Roderigo.

Referee: William Columb (SCO).

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