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Latin America's Crypto Display – What do you see in the Labyrinth Confederate diaryabytkon?


Cristo will be discussed on various topics related to the world, especially on continental, from December 5 to 8.

Presently Latin America presents a fertile ecosystem for cryptocarcation.

Many people, cryptoccracy displays the solution to the historical problems that are experienced in this area, so the debate about technology, its capacity and limits repeats.

This is also discussed in this new edition LabytconfLatin American Conference of Bitcoin And Block. This will be held on December 5, 6, 7 and 8 at the cultural center CorpArtes600 in Rosario North, Santiago, Chile.

The situation in the area of ​​Crypto is very interesting for the world. According to statistics from Brazil Labytconf1.4 million accounts were opened Exchange Banks saw only 600,000 new registrations. In Mexico, plots were not accepted as cash, but listed them as a new law ProductsAnd banks are allowed to run. In Argentina, they have started installing automatic teller machines, which allowed and sold cryptocorcisations, but Chile is not the only country in Chile and Panama. In Colombia, a bill to issue licenses has not been approved by Congress Exchange They want to operate in the country and pay taxes. In Peru, transactions for cryptocurity have increased by more than 50%. Uruguay has set up a new special committee to check how to control cryptocrosis in order to avoid economic terrorism and energy. Paraguay is one of the simplest countries to establish mining operations for the low cost of renewable energy when comparing Canada or Sweden applications. We must talk about Venezuela. In a country faced with a difficult financial crisis, a number of migrants from immigrants can pay for their families and take up more business. Chile is the host nation of the conference Exchange Wait for more information about cryptography.

The sixth edition comes in the middle of this condition Labytconf. In the past years, Argentina topped the list with 2013 (2016), Brazil (2014), Mexico (2015) and Colombia (2017). As in previous years, this event will be of the industry's most important measurements, including experts Bitcoin And Block Founder and CEO, Andreas Antonopoulos ZCASH From Sueco Wilkox, Diego Guettiers Salvarvar RSK, Bitcoin has been developed to bring the new platform to the Argentine company's IT office.

By clicking here, the ticket is already available on the event website you can afford. This limit is US $ 300, for standard access, $ 1,150 for the entire VIP experience.

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