Friday , September 30 2022

Latham's plane crashed and became one of the largest airports in Brazil


The FIG Coffins International Airport, Terminal of international flights Belo Horizonte City Remains one of the largest countries in the country Closed on Thursday from Thursday One of the men on an airplane made an emergency landing on an airplane from São Paulo to London.

The FIG A total of 339 people were on the plane in Latham The incident happened and affected the operation 117 flightsThirteen names were canceled till 10 am. Local Time (09:00 Chile Time).

The plane landed at midnight from Guarborough International Airport in Sao Paulo, For technical reasons the course should change and go to Belo Horizontal.

"During landing, 01:43 local time (00:43 Chile time), Tire was damaged They have to change the way the plane can be removed from the runwayLocal time is closed at 6 o'clock in Chile.

Following the incident, following the incident 30 flights landed at Confidence Airport canceled The situation is likely to worsen as the terminal is likely to close until Thursday night.

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