Thursday , November 14 2019
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La Cara and Union must wait

"Cement manufacturers" will take part in an international tournament. Hijapampatta will have to wait for the history.

Controversial dawn problem in Santa Laura Spanish Union And La Kalara Union According to the last date 2018 Scotty Bank Championship.

Classification was given to the success of the locals South American Cup, The tie "Cimitros".

The decisive leadership under Francesco Menageini is the first in an international tournament in their history. Thank you for the 1-1 equality in the freedom community.

The visitors opened for 23 minutes. The goal was the Argentine Mariano or Babbery. They cut out a negative streak of 678 & # 39; without a goal. Last September 1 was against Universides de Consception.

Fernando Diaz defeated the team by defeating and overshadowed all the glaciers because of the Oakkins Odaax Italia (finishing scoring). 66 Ramin Gonzalez scares everything.

La Cal Era has already joined the classified Sports AntofaggAda and Colo Colo. The union is temporarily staying in the last quota. Those in Plaza Shakubuko should expect Hippita not to beat Palestine on Sunday in Luchintano. If the "steel maker" succeeds, they will be Chile.

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